Hyper Local Findings in your Neighbourhood.

Frainz is an online chat-based social helping hand where one can share information or ask for help from the people nearby. It provides liberty to share your ideas, work, events or social activity like blood donation among the people around you. It lets you connect to the people nearest to you.

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Introducing Frainz

A small Introduction video on Frainz

Frainz Features

  • Frainz Announcements

    Make an announcement to broadcast your message to all the nearby users.

  • Localization Support On Frainz

    We strongly encourage using Hindi as our primary language but we support English as well.

  • Protect Privacy On Frainz

    We respect user's privacy. So we don't ask for user's info except e-mail which is required to authenticate a user but we don't reveal it to anyone.

  • Moderation By Frainz

    At Frainz we monitor all the discussions to prevent any objectionable activities, so that you can have nice and interesting discussions.

  • Nearby Blood Donors On Frainz

    We ask users to provide their blood group on Frainz.So that we can intimate about any blood requirements in their area.

  • Anything nearby on Frainz

    Since you are connected with people nearby, on Frainz; you can ask about anything within your surroundings like food,fun or fashion.

Why even use Frainz?

We need humans to help where machines can't.

Ever found yourself in a situation where you need to contact people around you? We felt many times.

  • Instant Help.
  • Genuine Information by genuine users nearby.
  • Make Announcement and Broadcast your messages.
  • Find nearby blood donors.
  • Protect your privacy.
  • Express your views with freedom.
Image Showing App Screen Shot Of Nearby Rooms. Image Showing App Screen Shot Of Private Rooms.

Make Announcements On Frainz

The most powerful feature you can have.

Our main purpose is to increase social awareness among people. Frainz gives you a lot of opportunities to tackle with your daily activities. For example if you are seeking a blood donor nearby, you can make an announcement.

If you have something important to announce, just make an announcement and it will be broadcast within a radius to all the users who have opted to get notified about it.

Image Showing App Screen Shot Of Frainz Announcement. Image Showing App Screen Shot Of List Of Announcement On Frainz.

Find nearby blood donors on Frainz

An effort to eliminate blood shortage in India.

Through Frainz you can make announcements of blood requirements to find blood donors in nearby areas.Thus maximizing possibility of finding a blood donor.

Image Showing App Screen Shot Of Asking Users Their Blood Group. Another Image Showing App Screen Shot Of Asking Users Their Blood Group.

How To Contact Frainz?

Reach out to Frainz

If you have any queries or would like to join campus leadership program, do let us know.

Frainz Campus Leader

The mission of the Student Ambassador Program is to provide clear vision of our brand to students and bring them together to share their ideas and experiences. Ambassadors will represent a diverse group of student leaders possessing an in-depth knowledge of our platform. This program, which brings together students from various academic disciplines and cultural backgrounds, serves to enrich and enhance leadership and communication skills, personal growth, and professional development for its membership.

Benefits with using Frainz

  • Receive personal and professional development in an encouraging and challenging environment.
  • A Letter of recommendation at the successful completion of your term.
  • Frainz Swag (Includes cash reward based on performance).
  • Develop your interpersonal, communication and leadership skills.
  • Become part of a diverse and motivated team.
  • The opportunity for an internship at Frainz.
  • Be an official representative of the brand.
  • Start Up Experience.